Frequently asked questions

What is Nobotclick?

Nobotclick is a service that blocks invalid traffic or fake clicks in your paid advertising campaigns. By blocking invalid traffic using our service, experts in marketing do not allow bots, farms, unscrupulous brands, and other non-conversion traffic to spend the advertising budget. By pushing you out of the search results of a browser, they ensure that you lose your advertising budget, customers and gain a bad reputation. At the same time, your competitors win while you struggle with difficulties.

By reducing invalid traffic, you save your budget, not wasting it. Attract liquid customers from advertising.

How can I get started?

When you register, you get Demo access for 5 days.

To fully see the attacker's IP address, it is necessary to get a paid subscription for One Month, Three Months, or an Annual subscription without restrictions on adding new websites.

It takes only a few minutes and is so simple that even non-specialists will quickly get used to it!

What other fees do I need to pay?

There are no hidden fees or additional "premium upgrade" services. Your monthly fee includes everything you need to block invalid traffic right away.

What advertising platforms does Nobotclick work on?

Nowadays, our software blocks invalid traffic to Google Ads (Adwords), Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, Gmail, Facebook Ads, Facebook Audience Network, Instagram Ads, Facebook Messenger Ads, and Bing Ads.

We are working on adding additional advertising platforms to this list.

How can I be sure that you don’t block real customers?

We use an industry-leading click fraud blacklist that is regularly updated by known click fraud sources. This includes bots, click farms, and other tricky clickers.

Our software also blocks clicks using several artificial intelligence processes. As a result, we often block clicks using a VPN or clicks outside your geographic targeting range.

What advertising formats do you protect?

Nobotclick blocks invalid clicks and show of paid search ads (for example, Google text ads), display ads, or banner ads.

Do you support safe browsing?

Our click fraud blocking system fully supports HTTPS browsing.

How many landing pages can I protect with Nobotclcik?

Unlimited number of landing pages.

How fast is your click blocked?

Most of our click fraud blocking is done in real-time.

After that, the attacker's IP address is immediately displayed.

What is the difference between ad fraud and click fraud?

Click fraud refers to any fake and malicious click on your paid advertising. These may be people deliberately clicking on your ads, such as brand haters or competitors, or random clicks from poorly placed banners.

Ad fraud is a more organized form of click fraud where a publisher maximizes the number of fake clicks, often using bots or click farms. These ad fraud campaigns are usually designed to commit fraud on a larger scale, often taking millions of dollars over their lifetime.

Collectively, these forms of invalid traffic cost the global marketing industry more than $30 billion annually.

Doesn’t Google prevent click fraud?

Google has processes in place to prevent invalid clicks and traffic. However, most experts in marketing believe that they are not doing enough and underestimate the true number of fraudulent clicks. Therefore, most marketing managers around the world prefer an independent examination of dirty traffic using a third-party service.

Google uses different parameters to detect and block invalid traffic, which explains the difference. They also have a lower threshold for repeat clicks and measure clicks from the same IP addresses separately.