About The Project

Who will need the service?

Our website is aimed to provide the actual information about different ways of protecting your business on the Internet. Several sections that are given on our website will help clients understand the main principles of the global web. It will be especially actual for those who want to start an e-business, or for those who have already done it. The articles given on the blog will help you understand what to pay attention to. Besides, the service itself can help you in saving money in your ads company.

What is the service about and how to use?

We specialize in protecting the clients from invalid traffic. According to the statistics, about half of the traffic in the ad company can become unclear. It simply means that the owner will lose the money without getting real orders. Due to bots clicks, you won’t gain good reputation. It is especially bad for you, when your competitors get profit. At the same time, without us, you will spend lots of chances to win the battle with bots, click fraud and so on.

The client will get the chance to receive a demo-mode. It is valid for 5 days. During this period, you can test how the system is working. If you really like it, you can pay for it to get all the advantages of the system. It will take you a couple of minutes to obtain the subscription. With it, the life of e-commerce will become easier.

I am a businessman – is it useful for me?

All kinds of businessmen will find the service useful. You don’t need to be a top specialist to understand the main principles of working the system. Besides, if you don’t understand anything, there is always a chance to visit the FAQ section.

If you are tired of wasting your budget in nothing, our solution is one of the best ways to cope with difficulties. We provide several opportunities for businessmen and successfully solve the following problems:

Clicks made by bots can waste up to 30% of the budget. It is a real problem for any businessman. Though, leading advertising companies try to resist such actions, they make too little effort to eradicate it. In fact, you lose money for false clicking.

This is another problem that is rather widespread nowadays. They are created to do certain actions on the pages. The advantage of them, that they don’t need to be controlled by a human. They have written scripts to manage various tasks.

This is another group that is worth paying attention. The best way to go you bankrupt is to clock on the paid ads. It is one of the ways, that can be used by hated brands. The more clicks they do, the fewer chances to get real clients you have, as your budget is vanishing.

The lase point to discuss here are the competitors. They are ready to do everything in order to make your life more complex. They can just sit in front of the laptop and do constant clicks. The situation is like with hated brands.

So, if you are a businessman and want to make your business flourish, you will need to pay attention to the offers we are ready to provide.

Can it be helpful to a marketer?

Some people find it rather hard to cope with the difficulties of e-commerce. It is connected with many facts. Not every one of us is going to be a businessman by nature. People want to invest money, but they hardly know the key principles of e-commerce. In this case, they employ marketers.

An experienced marketer knows how to improve even the hardest situation. It often happens that a person can do everything right, but the result of the conversion is poor. In this case, the marketer can become a real savior. Having good knowledge of market and all the tools is not always enough. You sometimes need experience and different apps to improve the process. Our service will be helpful for such people. Without complicated inventions, marketers can solve the problems with click fraud and wasting the clients’ budget.

Real help for newbies

When you are just a beginner in an e-commerce, you, of course, want to get profit with minimum investment. The main problem, that most of the companies start working with little budget. It will be especially disappointing when you will spend the money for nothing. When you invest in something, you need to get something in return. So, it is vitally important for such companies to win the battle for the clear traffic.

Besides, newbies are lack of experience to dive into all the difficulties to manage the ads company. One of the best ways for them is to apply something that is already working. It is one of the main reasons, why such clients will become interested in the following product. You spend some money, but then you can earn furthermore.

Promoters and producers

These two categories will also find interesting idea, visiting the blog and applying the provided tool. There are several reasons for it.

First of all, when goods are produced, they need to be sold. In other words, they must be demandable on the market. Some producers prefer to sell their goods on their own. They don’t have enough time to manage a big and clear company. They need the result just right away. So, that’s the reason to apply the tool.

As for promoters, they are also interested in a high level of conversion. The more orders the company has, the more they will get as a reward. Top sells and orders will be given only in case of high position in the search engine. Besides, it is necessary to get clicks from real people. Moreover, these people must leave orders. It is a good opportunity to sort the traffic and to leave only clear clicks on the company.

Why is it important for marketers to use such tools?

The idea of clear traffic is based on fighting with clickbots. Such robots behave like real people. They make search in the engine and click the ad. With the help of such script, you can easily kill the competitor. This kind of software can easily spend all the budget for false clicks

The biggest search engines must protect the clients. Undoubtedly, they have algorithms to resist such actions. At the same time, it is not enough. One needs extra tools to clear the traffic. So, the task of the marketer is to maintain the ad company in a way to reduce the chances of false clicking. Nobotclick is one of the services that can solve the problem with such hazardous tools.

The functions for users

If you are interested in the service, you must know where it can be applied to. Currently, the service supports about ten websites and companies, including such popular as GoogleAds, YouTube and so on. The developers are working hard to enlarge this list.

If you want to have a clear company, you can be sure that you applied to a good place. The team is working with a big source of clickbots lists. Besides, the developers are constantly updating this list and enlarging the number of them. You can be sure that you will be protected from click fraud, including bots and click farms and other types of soft.

Besides, we have managed to find the solution of how to fight with the processes using artificial intelligence with clickbots. As a result, the number of false clicking is rapidly reducing. Even when the rival uses VPN, we can manage this problem with our software

The system is safe, and it is proved by the protocol HTTPS. It works in a real time mode. So, when false clicking is taken place, you can see the IP-address instantly. The main advantage of the tool is the chance to protect as many pages as you want. Not so many companies can provide such a chance. It is much better than trying to maintain every company manually.


The main problem that face big and small companies is the lack of clear traffic. It leads to the fact, that the conversion is suffering greatly. They have lots of things or services to provide, but in fact they get almost nothing. About 30% of the budget can be spent without getting a real order. Billions of dollars are being wasted every year for such a problem.

Even some years ago, you need to look for a skillful marketer to cope with the problem. Nowadays, the system we are having, is working automatically. You save time and human resources. Besides, we guarantee the result. You will see, after a short time, that the process is working. The clearness of traffic is going to increase. As a result, it leads to higher conversion.

This tool can be applied not only by professionals, but by ordinary people who just start working in the sphere of e-commerce. You just need to buy the subscription and protect your business pages. It will be useful for all the members of the business.