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24/7 automatic Google ads fraud and click fraud protection ensures you don't waste your budget on impressions and clicks from bots who want to harm your business

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Click Fraud Prevention | NoBotClick™ Software
Remove bots, click fraud protection, fake users & fake touchpoints from your entire performance marketing stack to win against the competition.
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Conversion Rate
False click reaches 40% without protection
When you are engaged in e-commerce, it is always a competition. You need strong protection behind. Without it, invalid clicks will eat up all your budget. The percent of conversion will be constantly reducing. You need to stop click fraud as soon as possible.
New orders
Conversion Rate
Marketing effectivity without click scam
Stop wasting money. You can level up conversion. Ad click fraud is the reason why you can’t develop business faster. With click fraud detection you will be able to increase profit. You can overwhelm incredibly wide horizons with click protection.
Conversion Rate
Ads for people, bot for robots
Click fraud detection aims to save businessmen from google ads invalid activity. Invalid traffic is the main problem. Fake users are attacking your budget unstoppably. Don’t reconcile with it. Use ad fraud detection to work with real clients.
With nobotclick click frad protection, harmful sources will not be able to see your ads.
Who are we blocking?
Almost half of the Internet is under bots influence. According to the statistics, almost one third PPC-clicks belong to bots. You certainly need ppc fraud protection to improve incorrect statistics. Bots will click continuously until you stop them. Without prevention, you will never get profit.
Smart bots
Such bots are automatic scripts that pretend to be real people. They are the main reason of wasting ads budget. If you don’t stop them, you will be losing money constantly. You need to stop click fraud as soon as possible. Invalid activity must be cancelled with good level of protection.
Hated Brands
When you are popular, you will have brands that envy you. It is one of the reasons why inaccurate statistics may appear. The easiest way to steal money from you is to use click scam. The ads budget will vanish, and the conversion will be poor.
Evil competitors
Your google ads are subjected to risk. Your competitors can simply click on your ads. Google ads invalid activity will drag all the money from you. You will get no orders if you don’t stop fighting against your evil competitors. Be reasonable to maintain your security.
Keep safe all your paid channels from false clicks
If you are working at several marketplaces, you are at even more risks. Fraud clicking can reach you at any platform. False audience from one channel can bounce easily to another. We provide extra activity to all the platforms available. Our company of google click fraud prevention is considered to be effective. You won’t be losing ads budget aimlessly.
Excluded income
Be sure that you spend your ads budget right. You must pay for the clicks with high percentage of effectivity. Click fraud protection is necessary here. Control the traffic that wastes your money. Invalid traffic won’t bring any conversion to you. Google ads invalid activity can ruin any business. The stronger protection you will have, the more chances of making profit you will get. It the simplest business law nowadays.
Extreme accuracy against click fraud
Our technology is looking for invalid activity. Even if bots are masking to behave like real users, we can simply identify them. No matter how much efforts can be put to ruin the budget, our service will be able to protect you. Current bots are so tricky. Without the prevention, they can drag the money by false clicking for a long time. We can identify the wrong IP and block it to protect you from risks.

Quick installation click fraud Google Ads

You need only several minutes to start working with the service. You can use the script instantly. Apply tag managers to protect your business against numerous attacks from false click resources. The service supports all popular platforms. You will be under strong protection 24/7.
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I have tried some services in this segment, but none of them can compare with Nobotclick. I started using the program, and the result was incredible. The developers have done a good job on the functionality of the application, thank them! I will continue to use Nobotclick to fight bots and fake clicks on the Internet
Craig Henderson
Marketing Manager
This app is definitely worth the money and even more!! Excellent functionality, fast and high- quality work. The program performs all its stated functions and gets rid of bots, unscrupulous brands, and scammers. If you really want to protect your advertising budget, then this app will help you!
Herman Brown
Marketing Manager
Now it is really very difficult to protect yourself from fraudulent clicks during the launch of paid advertising. This non-conversion traffic only consumes the advertising budget, without helping the brand development in any way. Nobotclick calculates all these bots and scammers, and removes them, closes their access to my advertising. A very useful thing. It really helps to promote with the help of paid advertising
John Jordan
Online Marketing Manager
Nobotclick literally changed my life. I have used this program several times already, and each time it coped with a bang! Really, if you dont want to give way under the sun to your competitor, rather buy Nobotclick. Protection from bots and all kinds of scammers who spend your money invested in advertising is at an unreal level! The best program of this segment.
Franklin Anderson
CEO & Co-Founder
Bots and fake clicks are a real problem of our time. It is impossible to run paid ads, because because of them all the money is wasted, and there is no use. I didnt know how to deal with it, but then I found Nobotclick. The essence of the program is that it blocks all bots and automatic fake clicks. After using the application, the result immediately became noticeable, advertising began to bear fruit
William Carlson
Marketing Manager